Why Companies Need a Website

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Dear Business Owner / Entrepreneur,

In today's Technology driven Business World, it has become the accepted norm that a good website is the building blocks for establishing your online presence to the world. Thousands of people will browse to your website for more information regarding your online status before doing any business with you.

More and more people browse the internet at work and even at home to find information to questions they might have.

If you own a local hardware/print/fashion/beauty shop to name but a few, why do you need an online profile? You don't want somebody across the country contacting you to purchase something small nor to lose out to your competitors.

As a professional Website Company we often hear comments like this from small business owners.

The most important reason why you should have an online profile is that more and more people are using the Internet rather than the Printed Media and Yellow pages. People are looking for information online and they search the web for what they want. Why not make it easy for them to learn about your business and services?

Magazines and the Printed Media are quickly losing their ground to the web as the primary source for information. The Internet is now the most widely used media in the world.

Herewith a couple of tips and guidelines why Small, Medium and Large Businesses Enterprises need an online profile.

You can build trust with your website. In today's online driven world, all companies should have a website. Your prospects / clients also expect this.

With your active website you can be found in local searches by using the cities that you serve and the products and services you provide in the content of your website. It is the content on your online profile that is important to the search engines.

It is much easier for your clients to find you. With an online presence and profile you are making this task easier for them. Include your business details i.e.: telephone number, address and all other relevant details on your online profile.
If you provide solutions and services, include a description and the advantages of them on your website.

Include the business trading hours of your company or operation. Someone might be looking at your website at 5 AM in the morning and they want to know when they can come in and visit your store. Don't let them wait. Display it on your online profile.

Include an about us page on your website. People want to know about you and your services. Market and Brand yourself first and foremost.

As stated before, a website is the building blocks to establish yourself and your company online.

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